Tim Cook: headset AirPods Pro complementary for AirPods and alternative

Headphones AirPods Pro new from Apple are now available for purchase either from Apple stores or from other stores following the announcement a few days. New headset features features noise isolation as a core feature in addition to a significant change in the design.

Today has been the announcement of the results of Apple’s financial quarter of 2019, during the modern Tim Cook mentioned that the headset AirPods Pro comes as a complement to لـAirPods 2 not an alternative! Some may find this statement strange from Tim Cook because it may constitute a great motive for users to purchase new headset!

Stated Tim Cook also said that he thinks more from the will enjoy hearing new edition are features headset earbuds basic and they are first buying it!

What do you think about this statement in general? And what do you think about headset earbuds pro New? We shared your comment.

Source: 9to5Mac

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