Tim Cook: do not use your iPhone all the time

Not uncommon to hear chief executive demanding customers not to use the main product of his company, but that’s what happened today with Tim Cook, who was speaking at a conference on Tai 100 center of the most influential people in the world, during the speech of the head of the Apple executive said that the iPhone is not the industry to be used constantly, and pointed out that he made the notifications on his phone in “silent”mode.

As Tim Cook said: “If you have an iPhone and haven’t already done so act to do so, I asked myself do I really need to get thousands of notifications daily? It’s not something that adds value to my life or makes me a better person.”

This is not the first time that Tim about reduce the use of iPhone, where during the developers conference Apple 2018, the company disclosed the service Screen Time, which assess the duration of use of someone’s iPhone and the applications on the phone, Cook said then that before the use of the service, it was considered the same level of the iPhone disciplined, but after you do it realize that he was wrong.

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Discussed the Cook was also the subject of privacy on the internet, said that the regulations for the protection of internet users in Europe more protection to the user from the United States, where the description of the general regulation of data protection in Europe as a step in the right direction, thanks to the strict rules adopted by the European Union last year, where you can’t use any personal data for a user over the internet by any company without the user’s consent, and fined companies that did not adhere to the regulations including up to 20 million euros or 4% Of the global revenue for the previous year, for example Facebook if you don’t adhere to the regulation will be fined with $ 2.2 million based on the proceeds of the previous year which was $ 58 million.

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