Tim cook decided to work for the benefit of customers, not investors

Apple, like any public Corporation, accountable to the investors. So every three months Tim cook holds telephone conference, during which reports to the Board members about the financial success of the company entrusted to him. Of course, to satisfy investors, the report should be positive, and income is steadily growing. This is not unusual, because on this model are all large enterprises, without exception. But Tim cook truly believes that it should not be any company in the first place should be its customers.

Tim cook joined the movement, the Business Roundtable, whose participants are the leaders of over 180 major corporations. In the opinion of its management, modern companies are forced to continuously increase profits to please investors, even if it is contrary to the interests of consumers. Therefore, the movement proclaims its goal of reducing dependence on investment and improve accountability to clients.

Apple statements

In fact, every Corporation strives to primarily serve the interests of investors, believe the participants of the Business Roundtable. Over time it became clear that this model of existence is obviously a failure because it often does not take into account the interests of customers. It is obvious that in some moment to combine the needs of the users and investors will become impossible, and then the Corporation will simply collapse. To prevent this, and there is a Business Roundtable.

Principles Of Business Roundtable

  • To protect the interests of clients, directing their activities to their satisfaction;
  • To invest in its employees, from which depends the success of any company;
  • To observe ethics of business relations with partners;
  • To respect human rights and care for the environment;
  • To create a platform for long-term, not short-term gain.

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If the involvement of Business Roundtable is not Tim cook a populist decision, and he really intends to reduce the dependence of Apple from investors, this could be the beginning of radical change in the company. In this case, one would expect lower prices for Apple products, loyalty in service and perhaps even improve the quality of corporate devices.

However, to expect that it will happen overnight, probably not worth it. The fact that the current world business model is based on the direct participation of investors in every company, which must constantly increase profits in order to attract additional investment from outside. But if investors realize that the company is not acting in their interest, of any investment is not out of the question.

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