Tim cook about the merging of macOS & iOS: “I don’t think users want”

In an interview published in the Sydney Morning Herald, Apple’s CEO Tim cook said that Apple will not make one operating system for Mac and mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad, contrary to popular rumors. Here is a quote from cook:

“We do not believe that it is necessary to quit one for the other. And Mac, and iPad are incredible. One of the reasons why they are incredible, that we forced them to do what they do very well. And if you merge them together, you will have to negotiate and compromise. So, perhaps the company would be more effective if we did so. But that’s not it. You know you give people something that helps them to change the world, Express your passion or to show yourself creatively. Therefore, the merge, which many say — I don’t think it is necessary for users.”

At the beginning of this year, Bloomberg launched the rumors that Apple will soon introduce tools for developers that allow them to deploy apps simultaneously for macOS and iOS. Apps that target both platforms can be used with touchscreen or mouse/trackpad, depending on which device you run. Although cook made it clear that the merging of platforms will not be aware application compatible with macOS/iOS and does not require a single operating system.

However, this quote might help clarify Apple’s plans to develop its own processors for at least a few Mac, which will replace the chips from Intel is another rumor, based on the Bloomberg report. Many believe that if Apple make their own processors for Mac, it will build them on the basis of ARM so a little closer to keep macOS and iOS. Cook has made it clear that their plans for convergence the company has no.

But this does not mean that Apple will turn to ARM. She has many years of experience developing ARM chips for iOS devices, and there are serious obstacles to the advancement of the x86-64 architecture, except in the unlikely acquisition of AMD. Therefore, it can be.

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