Tile reveal tracking devices new Bluetooth with longer battery life

The company revealed a Tile for the new update to the GPS Bluetooth bring through the design of the thinnest, with a new version of the tracking devices of third-party privileged background sticker Black, also comes updated Slim design tries to credit card.

Come new versions of the tracking devices of Tile battery non-removable can be used in support of the user until 3 years ago, also comes the new update of the Tile Mate and Pro range of improvements, with a greater range to Bluetooth.

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I knew the company Tile manufacture tracking devices small-sized and Bluetooth, which support the user in finding objects lost by installing tracking devices on the things to improve its position quickly, as it includes tracking devices speaker built-in sound, and the application of the custom on the platform Andorid or iOS.

Also in case of loss of signal in the entire network can Tile to work to identify its location by connecting the user via Bluetooth LE, and

Comes a tracking device Sticker design in the back-end support gluing several things, such as computers, bags, luggage, or smart phones, for example, where it can support the user in keeping track of these things in the scope of 150 feet, with the application of Tile companion on iOS or landed, or through the telly digital assistant Alexa, the Assistant Google Digital to by Siri.

Comes a tracking device with a size of 27 mm, with a thickness of 7.3 mm, so it is characterized by fine design for use with different devices, it can also support the user 3 to 5 years, and is priced at $ 40.

Also comes tracker Tile Slim new design the thinnest up to a thickness of 2.5 mm, the device also features speakers, built-in sound produce audio with a higher level, also supports the range of 200 feet, and battery life non-removable up to 3 years, comes at a price of $ 30, also supports Tile Pro range Bluetooth up to 300 feet at a price of $ 35, or 400 feet at a price of $ 60.


I know of

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