Tik Tok will share video clips from other applications

Users will be able to watch video clips that have been recorded and edited applications and different application of Tik Tok.

تيك توك سيسمح بمشاركة مقاطع الفيديو من التطبيقات الأخرى

Company is working ByteDance to stimulate the users more and more to watch videos and use the platform Tik Tok more, even with the ease of video industry and the participation of sections of the same application to millions of users, the company decided to provide the opportunity to watch videos of other apps on their account optin-tuk also.

Include platform Watch the video more than 800 million users of whom approximately 500 million users are using the Chinese version.

Which offers the opportunity for users of other applications to share content more diverse and professional, as it will be an opportunity for application developers to show they have applied their tools featured content industry if they allowed watching videos directly on the app tick tock.

Anyway, this step is distinctive in the way of providing product content more comprehensive and professional along with traditional content.

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