Tiffany from the world of electronics, or as Apple a new path was chosen

Apple first focused on the mass market, it intends to be something like Tiffany from the world of electronics, having switched to manufacturing exclusively elitist products, I’m sure the Wired columnist Zachary Karabell. In his opinion, this indicates the selection by the company of a new strategy based on the systematic increase in profit from each device sold. In such a model of development in Cupertino see more opportunities than in the capture of the market of affordable devices.

Despite the fact that Apple still sells a tremendous number of devices, the company is no longer included on a quarterly basis to beat their own record set in the past. It is not only difficult from the point of view of implementation, but simply meaningless, since the average price of every iPhone sold has already reached $ 800 vs $ 600 2.5 years ago.

Innovation can not be cheap

Is the company justified? In my opinion, more than. In an era when the consumer is difficult to surprise the technological refinements, Apple has to go to extreme measures and implement the most innovative solutions. Their only disadvantage is complex to implement and, as a consequence, the high cost, which has a negative impact on the price of the end product in retail. Just so and not otherwise fails to captivate those who are not surprised by the increased performance and a brighter screen.

But the sharp rise in prices could not affect sales in countries where the position of Apple traditionally is not as strong as in the US and Europe. For example, in India, Brazil and Russia, the demand for flagship devices from Apple leaves much to be desired, the most recent financial report to investors. No matter how optimistic were no reports of local retailers in Cupertino believe that these markets are stagnating and unlikely to make significant profits.

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