Ticket to the moon: the ETF can profanity Bitcoin to 44 thousand dollars

According to experts, the course of bitcoin can overcome last year’s peak after the arrival on the market of open-end investment funds (ETF). While they are in the niche of Bitcoin will very soon. It is reported by NewsBTC.

The road to the top – which will shoot up the price of Bitcoin

Co-founder BlockTower Ari Paul believes that the next price rally will begin institutional investors. The analyst is sure that in the beginning bullrun until the end of 2018.

The last barrier to the big players – the lack of regulation of industry and a small number of attractive offers for large investors. After the introduction of custodian services on Coinbase investment funds are ready to invest their capital in cryptocurrencies.

Money big investors begin to pour into the crypt in the middle of 2017. However, the process was not as large as everyone would like. However, this does not mean that cryptocurrency will not invest in the future. Because some custodial services Coinbase rich people will not buy Bitcoin at hundreds of millions of dollars. Such a service must earn the trust. I’m sure it will happen before September of this year.

Institutional investors are not the only way to pump Bitcoin. The spread trading instrument type ETF can also serve as fuel for the next rally. Researchers from IronWood consider approval of ETF securities USA good precondition for growth up to at least $ 26,000. IronWood CEO Michael Stratton commented on the possible outcome of events.

If the Bitcoin ETF will open the way to capital of 24 million American investors, to catch up with him another 14 million around the world. This will add to the capitalization of the 84 and 336 billion, respectively. Over the past six months, capitalization of Bitcoin has fallen from 326 to 110 billion. After adding 420 billion by KAPE Bitcoin can be traded in the range of from 26,000 to $ 44,000.

The owners of the largest American crypto currency exchange Gemini brothers the Winklevoss plan to launch its own ETF called Coin. The company SolidX, whose Foundation was banned by the SEC last year signed a partnership agreement with VanEck to create a new investment Fund. Recall VanEck controls the turnover of 70 traditional ETF with a total capitalization of $ 45 billion.

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