Thyssen Krupp and Microsoft pay wheel of digitization in the fisheries sector

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Expect the elevator company Thyssen Krupp bind about 28 thousand additional elevator solution max MAX for preventive maintenance based on cloud technology in Brazil, during the accession of the region to the max the world which today cover markets with approximately 30 percent of the number of elevators in the world, moreover, the company has updated the solution to the max to provide preventive maintenance for escalators.

Says the solution to the max to collect data instantaneously from sensors on the elevators and escalators to be sent to the Microsoft Azure cloud, where it is calculated to work the remaining parts of the source key, identifying parts and components that require maintenance and the maintenance required, and the system includes later to potential problems must be repaired before they happen, is this model inductive to enhance the operational efficiency of the plant and the time you give.

As a model of the pilot, is connected to more than 50 lift in Brazil with max, the service will be offered now on a broader clients organization, also received the Thyssen Krupp elevators already have requests from customers to install the solution max for escalators, including in one of the airports in Germany, which receives approximately 16 million passengers each year, 137 Escalator in the metro in Valencia, Spain, save more than 62 million passengers per year.

And through its partnership with Microsoft, Thyssen Krupp elevators from being the first companies in the elevator industry that develop service solutions extrapolations based on Internet of things, which will help in introducing advanced technologies to the industry sector elevators-old to 160 years, which carry more than a million people a day, you’ll be that more means of transport used in the world.

Based on the data collected since the year 2015, the development of the learning capabilities of machine-to-machine, cloud-based Microsoft Azure, as a result, the Thyssen Krupp is confident that the solution to the max he can choose the time given lifts by up to 50 percent, which sends a leading position for its interests within the fisheries sector, global and, to date, helped solve the max already to raise the time of readiness of elevators to work when more than 40 thousand customers.

Said Andreas since, CEO of Thyssen Krupp elevator: “this is a very important moment for us and for the world as a whole, especially to the population growth and the Renaissance of civilization and urbanization imposes on the infrastructure and buildings to unprecedented levels of vulnerability, hence the importance of data as a key means to understand the real challenges faced by buildings, the development of appropriate solutions to improve them for the benefit of the operators of the real estate management and users alike.”

The system has become enjoyed today gateway customer service improved and new ones have been put up currently in Spain, and pop those in charge of the building management have access to instant information is important about the performance of their interests, making it easier for the maintenance engineers at Thyssen Krupp task fixed in a timely manner.

Said Sam George, Director of Azure Internet of things at Microsoft: “the solution to max an ideal model for the role of digitization in the development and application of applications within the segment features the requirements of minutes, thus improving the true value of the business, has developed models max during the last three years in line with the needs of customers and businesses, we are pleased with the success that he has achieved till today and benefits and tangible benefits provided by the business, and we look forward to working closely with Thyssen Krupp to continue to develop their performance and growth”.

Added since: “Since the launch of the solution to the max for the first time in 2015, has made the region the development of a sustained and gained ever increasing capabilities and, in another, it’s a solution based on techniques supported by data to help enhance the efficiency of the infrastructure of cities and contributes to its growth, more specifically, save us max from one place to another seamlessly and contributes in making people’s daily lives easier, and we look forward to offering Max in the Latin American market, and hope through his ability to choose the time given lifts by up to 50 percent, to continue to support the growth and sustainable development in our cities for years to come.”

Thanks to the max of the statistics data value of the prompt describes the steps that clients should take the appropriate timing of these steps, Thyssen Krupp to modify their services to provide products and solutions service more valuable, at the same time, the application of Max global Tekken two to bring about a cultural shift within the company, to provide a valuable tool in changing how the team work the implementation of everyday work and interaction with customers.

Thyssen Krupp and Microsoft pay wheel of digitization in the fisheries sector

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