Through the technique of “block Qi”.. Maersk and IBM collaborate to digitize the World Trade

Announced Maersk A. P. Moller –Maersk and IBM IBM their intention to create a joint venture to provide ways of more efficient and safer to complete the procedures of World Trade using the technique of block Qi.

The goal of this new partnership is to provide a platform for the digital global trade has been jointly developed based on open standards and designed for use by ecosystem global shipping entire. You will be able to this product to address the need to provide greater transparency and simplicity in the movement of goods across borders and business areas.

While still the cost and size of system, environmental and commercial world is increasingly complex, and through the shipping industry shipped goods valued in excess of over $ 4 trillion annually, equivalent to more than 80% of the volume of goods used by consumers daily, while the maximum cost for business documents required to complete the management of the trade in many of these goods, including up to five costs of transportation actual physical, we find that, according to the World Economic Forum, could increase global trade volume by about 15% Through the reduction of barriers and simplification of the International supply chain, which strengthens economies, creates job opportunities.

The characteristics of the technology block Chi are ideally suited to form large networks of different partners. It is through sublimation technology on materials, establish technical block Chi record of the common and immutable for all transactions occurring within the network and then enables the parties are allowed to access to reliable data in a timely manner. It is through the application of technology to digitize the operations of World Trade, the introduction of a new form of governance and consent in the flow of information, enabling business partners multiple cooperation and the establishment of a shared vision one of the treatment without compromising the details or privacy or confidentiality.

Will be used to “Maersk”, the world leader in the field of logistics services for containers, the company “IBM”, the leading provider of”technology block Qi” the Blockchain Technology, the “vision solutions supply chain and interoperability of the enterprise”, the technology block Qi to form a new product, as well as the use of other techniques for open source rely on cloud computing and artificial intelligence, and technologies of the Internet of things and Analytics, which are offered through the services of IBM, to help companies to transfer the goods digitally across international borders. And manufacturers, and shipping lines, freight forwarders, operators of Harbor, ports, and customs authorities to benefit all of these new technologies – for the ultimate benefit of consumers.

The company started the IBM and Maersk cooperate in June 2016 to build new technologies based on the technology block Qi and cloud computing. Since then, the multilateral experience of the organization including DuPont, Dow Chemical, Tetra Pak, Port Houston, Rotterdam Port Community System Portbase, the Customs Department in the Netherlands, customs authorities and border guards in the United States.

The project will be co-CEO of IBM and Maersk marketing solutions and expand their broader range of global companies, have expressed many of them have expressed interest in the capacities and explore ways to use the new product, including General Motors, Procter & Gamble, in order to simplify the complex supply chains that they manage. As shown company Agility Logistics freight forwarder and logistics interest in the platform new to offer enhanced services for customers, including brokerage customs clearance.

Explore customs and other government bodies, including the beauty of Singapore and Peru, the capacity of the region to facilitate trade flows and strengthen the security of supply chains. Will be used by Port operators العالميةAPM Terminals and PSA Internationalالمنصة to enrich cooperation within the port and improve the layout of the work within the ports. With support from the Office of inspection and quarantine in Guangdong through the link with the tracking system quality global import and export merchandise, the product can also connect users with trade corridors is important both inside and outside China.

The company intends the new initially marketing two of the core capacities that are aimed at the digitization of the global supply chain from beginning to end:

  • Will the itinerary information shipping vision clearly to the phases of the supply chain from start to finish to enable all actors involved in the supply chain management of the exchange of information relating to the shipment, securely and in real-time events.
  • Trade without papers will be turned file the paperwork to digital form automated by enabling end-users to provide information securely, and verification of information and approval of documents across organizational boundaries, which eventually helps to reduce the time and cost of the movement of Clearance merchandise. Will the smart contracts technology-based block center all required approvals in place, which helps speed up the process of completing approvals and reduce errors.

After obtaining the permit regulation, is expected to become solutions joint venture available within six months, will be the new company’s headquarters in New York.

The house was built by relying on technology to block your Qi developed by company IBM, which is provided through the cloud computing company IBM Realty of the report of registration of the joint Fabric 1.0, which is within the technique of block Qi and one of the projects Delivery co-hosted by the Linux Foundation.

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