“Throttle, Electronic”: a new technology portend radical change in the way the cars drive it!

"دواسة الوقود الإلكترونية": تقنية جديدة تُنذر بتغيير جذري في طريقة قيادة السيارات التي اعتدناها!

The car “Nissan Leaf – Nissan Leaf” electric is one of the electric car the most sold in the world, which is the car that contributed significantly in achieving the spread for electric cars in the category of small car of medium price. I have uploaded version the current year of the car with a new technique to entirely provide for the first time commercially in the world and the name of the “throttle e – e-Pedal“.

Simply put, the technology works the throttle electronic to simplify the process of driving a car through the pedal just one move freely the car as well as by their positions, so that the Working current of the accelerator pedal traditional fuel as well as the brakes. And adopt new technology on an electronic system account increase the speed of the car in the traditional way when you press on the throttle, and when he says the cabman to edit the throttle and gradually start the vehicle automatically using the brake system to gradually drop the speed of the car, and when you raise the foot completely off the accelerator, apply the brakes fully to stop the car completely.

System does not stop at that, as soon as the car stopped completely, the system automatically applies the brakes to wait, or stop E, which is released when the pressure again on the accelerator pedal again to start the war. The system works in a manner that match perfectly with conventional brakes, so that they are lighting the rear stop lamp drive depending on the drop speed by a certain percentage.

"دواسة الوقود الإلكترونية": تقنية جديدة تُنذر بتغيير جذري في طريقة قيادة السيارات التي اعتدناها!

Designed a new system of “April” in a way that takes into account also the elevations and depressions so that the car can recognize them automatically and keep the sense of constant motion on the Highlands and depressions by controlling the engine torque to the tires of the car, as well as to apply the brakes automatically to prevent the skid of the car. I got wet, and other slippery surfaces that make the car stop more difficult for a special attention also where you start the car by default at the limit of its speed by using engine torque only, then in the case has been identified on the surface of the skid is apply the brakes with greater force to reduce the speed of the car until it stopped.

Although the car “Nissan Leaf” in publications for the current year and the next still retains the pedal conventional brakes, it seems the new system can optionally be activated or disabled according to the user’s desire, as it can be at any time the pressure on the brakes to stop the car suddenly in the cases that require it, except that reactions who experience the new system effectively from the automotive experts over the past several months looks very positive in favor of the new system.

There is no doubt that expanding the use of this new technology on a large scale in the cars over the next few years will depend mainly on the reactions of the user to the traditional control, but what no doubt is that with further proliferation of the electric car, the technology accelerator pedal Electronic will start to spread on a large scale gradually.

Follow up question, Will the new technology in the near future in getting rid entirely of the brake pedal for the car to the stage of relying on one pedal instead of three in the past?!

Explanatory video for the new:

The “throttle Electronic”: a new technology portend radical change in the way the cars drive it! Appeared first on the tech world.

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