Three ways you can hide your activity on Google automatically!

Google began the month of awareness of the security of cyberspace is a set of procedures and tools give users more options to control your privacy when you use both Google Maps and YouTube helper Google Digital hide your activity on Google easily.

جوجل تعلن عن ثلاثة طرق تُمكنك من إخفاء نشاطك على جوجلGoogle learn about three ways you can hide your activity on Google

According to the statements of the company, Google announced the launch of incognito the Google Maps application for users of Android this month before heading to users of iOS later, too.

Submit incognito on the application of the Google Maps feature non-registration activity you entertained while you do it, such as places you’ve searched or places you’ve visited, and will not have any data about your activity both on the device or on your personal account.

The second way in which through which you can hide your activity on Google, is a feature of automatic deletion of your activity on YouTube, where you can set a certain period of time to keep your data ranging from 3 months to 18 months, after which the application deletes it completely from its records.

The second method and last is the data Assistant Google Digital, which you can now easily delete the record of your conversations and activity via voice command, all you have to do is say “delete the last thing I said to you” “delete the last thing I said to you” the application will delete the last conversation between you, and you can also specify a certain period of time the application will delete the data on it.

But unfortunately does not say Google Assistant by deleting the oldest week of its records by direct voice commands, and to delete the Times of the oldest you’ll need to the app’s settings menu.

Also provided Google a great service by helping her to bounce its users to ways to maintain their data control, by directing a question directly to a digital assistant like a hole “how to keep my data” the application will share all the information that you want to complete in your device and your account on Google.

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