Three things you should know about Pencil Apple’s new

Two weeks before Apple made its conference to reveal the iPad as well as Apple stylus the third generation, which is connected magnetically to any-the new iPad Pro. It features a combined automatic iDevice-iPad, and its features new wireless charging, and wake-up, and double-tap to switch between drawing tools, as well as the design is smoother without the entrance of the connecting Lightning with the support Ring has a shiny silver above. With the launch of the pen and into the hands of customers around the world, many people around the world doing audits of the registry Apple and review its advantages. Turns out that there are three things you must know about Pen Apple special treat the problem of the illusion of the user that is seldom available for work after the initial setup. Proceed with us.

ثلاثة أشياء يجب معرفتها عن قلم أبل الجديد

Pencil and Apple, this gadget is characterized by the standards unprecedented in the drawing notes and add comments and much more from the support of his gestures various, which make use of is undoubtedly an enjoyable experience and useful to users. However, we then found the reviews months of blogging and websites to share with you three important things about the pencil and the Apple TV is bound to take into account before your feet on the purchase.

◉ Unlike the original version, does not include the second generation of Pen Apple to any pen tips additional facility in the enclosure.

Where sells the Apple package consists of four years of additional online and in many retail stores, for $ 19 in the United States of America. You can view them through this link.

◉ Are shipped pen the new Apple TV wirelessly by placing it or paste it because it is magnetized on the right side for your iPad Pro new, a sound noticeable Click to make sure it is in place.

When installed, it automatically starts the network polling to your device. But it unfortunately is not compatible with devices the rules of the Qi standard for wireless charging. You should keep this in mind before you spend $ 129 to buy Pencil Apple’s New because there’s no way to charge it only iPad Pro 2018 just which does not work also only with her. The truth is I didn’t remember Apple any comment or giving any reasons against it.

◉ In the memorandum have been shared with retail stores on the Wednesday before last, and shared with them some of the sites, said Apple has “the customer may face the lack of response when using the stylus after the initial setup is not” therefore, Apple developed specific steps to resolve that problem.

First pair the pen and the Apple TV thing-the new iPad Pro. Once you have the iPad connected to the internet, will analyze the update program pen and send it to him via Bluetooth and you can continue to use the pen during the update and data transfer that takes Ghada 10 minutes. Once the transfer process will begin pen in system update it will stop working for 1 minute after the end of the self-update will pen again to work without any problems.

It is worth mentioning that the registry of the new Apple TV is compatible with the latest models of iPad Pro against the 11-inch and 12.9-inch. And sell it at a price of $ 129 in the United States with laser engrave custom and exclusive applications on Apple’s website.

What do you think of the registry Apple TV new? Does the tool draw unprecedented really? And do you intend to do try it? Tell us in the comments.



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