Three screen?! Yes three Samsung Galaxy X

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Leak detection location The Bell the Korean for new information about the anticipated release of phones Samsung smart. The phone has Samsung Galaxy X –according to leaks-site – on three screens OLED OLED, it’s foldable phone contains the phone screen the usual when folded to use it as a normal phone and when open it works tea two internal two as one is approaching the size of the size of the tablet smaller iPad Mini.

Male site Korean that the smartphone will contain a screen title olid measure of each one is 3.5 inches from the front and when you open the device rollaway turns into a tablet 7-inch screen (any smaller than the iPad Mini with 0.9-inch only).

The external screen located at the back of the phone can be used when folded and converted to put his phone.

It is expected to end Samsung from product design to the new Samsung Galaxy X in June. Maybe you change some of the specifications. The product is launched high in the year 2019.

Some have criticized the metrics advertised in the recent leaks, it might be better to be the screen of the phone offering a little bit like 5 inches to the size of the two screens with 10 inches.

Is not Samsung alone plans to introduce foldable phone, but Apple also plans to set up the iPhone new screen flexible or may be retractable (not yet confirmed what will be). Also the company launched the ZTE foldable phone in last October, with the presence of the edge of wide between the two screens.

Three screen?! Yes three Samsung Galaxy X

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