Three new Samsung FLEX 4D in Egypt: the most save electricity

Samsung Electronics Egypt Samsung, a global leader in the field of consumer electronics, today, announced the launch of its latest products of home appliances, and the refrigerator FLEX 4D Super-development, which offers a unique concept for the first time in the Egyptian market, the fridge is over the new 4-door, which doubles the size and capacity.

Commenting on this, says Ahmed fayad, Sales Manager, home appliances division Samsung Electronics Egypt:”the name comes (FLEX) of the English word (Flexibility), which means flexibility, as it allows new Refrigerator consumers the flexibility to choose between the acquisition of one unit of a two-door, or two units of 4-door. In addition, come the fridge in a unique design, where the freezer bottom of the unit, while there is the custom to donate the above items, for easy access to everyday needs.”

Comes three Samsung FLEX 4D technology “compressor digital inverter” Digital Inverter Compressor with 10 years warranty, which is characterized by providing the highest levels of efficiency in energy saving, in addition to noise great rates compared to peer traditional.

Moreover, featuring Refrigerator technology “volt control” Volt Control, which protects the refrigerator from the power supply is regular, at the same time featuring a fridge design of practical Super-soul, where he enjoyed a larger size (742 L), as do the LED-backlit Super-efficiency which provide the highest rates of lighting for internal parts, and new refrigerator is also equipped with a system of cooling which serves to cool each part of the fridge evenly from corner to corner.

Commented Mohamed shalaby, Director of Marketing, Department of home appliances of Samsung Egypt, on the launch of the fridge saying:”I succeeded Samsung in the definition of a new sector of household appliances through the idea of innovative, renewable, and functional performance and did not provide his devices, which achieved a quantum leap to experience the purchase of household appliances, has become a consumer buys what he wants already and not something like his needs only.”

Adds Shelby, that Samsung managed to change the daily experience for consumers in the kitchen drastically, changing our vision of the traditional refrigerator and their function, and when FLEX 4D new incarnation of Samsung’s philosophy to listen well to the needs of its customers, to provide them with techniques and innovations unprecedented position=GE to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Targeting Samsung Put a new definition to the world of home appliances, by offering sophisticated technology for keeping food fresh, judging from its quest for innovation and access to unprecedented heights in this sector of cutting-edge products.

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