Three lessons that can be learned from a failed test of Constantinople

Run hard forks Constantinople in testate Ropsten was not as expected. And although now all the problems have been solved by the developers of Ethereum Foundation of this failure, it is fashionable to make three useful lesson for the future.

No. 1: Need the support of the miners

For the operation of testnet cryptocurrency still need the miners, but here they are much smaller than in the original network Ethereum. That’s OK, because Ropsten not reward anyone with real money. The processing in blocks in testnet miner gets coins, but they have no value at all. Normally this is not a problem, but when it comes to integration, hard forks, all the bad comes out.

One of the main reasons for the failure of Constantinople was the lack of a sufficient number of miners in the network that are needed for the production of the starting block hard forks. This problem can be easily solved. That’s just from the developers of the Ethereum Foundation no one expected such a stupid delay before testing the important updates Ethereum.

No. 2: No node in the network

The second problem is failure to update the node to the correct version of the client to activate Constantinople. In Ropsten not very many key network nodes, but even they forgot to update to the latest version.

Image source — Bitcoinist

No one knows why Ethereum Foundation missed this point. Even though the causes of the incident, the fact remains. In the future this can’t happen.

# 3: Fork on the weekends

Developer Africa Shoden accurately collected all errors Ethereum Foundation in one tweet.

Few even of the most loyal cryptoendoliths monitors the industry during the weekend. The developers themselves could not communicate with their colleagues to solve problems hardforum.

Now all problems are over. Ropsten consistently produces blocks that have the first test of a transaction. While we have to wait and hope that the testing is successful Constantinople.

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