Thousands of people were victims of malicious Android applications to conserve

In Google Play have infiltrated the malicious program under the name Advanced Battery Saver. This is reported by experts in the field of cyber security company RiskIQ. In contrast to the majority of malicious applications just mimic the functionality, it really is a reduced consumption of resources, but pursued another, less noble purpose.

Getting on the device, Advanced Battery Saver stopped many of the processes that negatively affect its autonomy and has closed some particularly demanding applications. At the same time, according to experts, the malware requested access to text messages of the victim, location services, and collected information such as phone number, IMEI and model information of the device.

Subsequently, the obtained data could be used by the application authors as for personal use and for resale to advertisers. By the time removal of Advanced Battery Saver censors Google query RiskIQ app has been downloaded over 50 thousand times, indirectly pointing at large by the standards of malware permeating the Google Play, damage.

Staying on the infected device, Advanced Battery Saver showed users ads of various kinds, fraudulently forcing them to click on promoted links. It is possible that among these links could be phishing pages that mimic the Windows authorization services like online banking.

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