Those gaming monitors 4K/144hz, as it turned out, “do not pull” is declared 144 Hz

Recently, I’ve talked about gaming monitors Acer Predator X27 and Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ. It’s twins released the fact that they are the first to market a game-monitor 4K UHD panels and frame rate to 144 Hz.

Announced it early last year, but in the sale they came just a month ago. Price in USA — $ 2000. In Europe the price tag goes up to 3000 euros. In General, an expensive toy.

It turned out that this toy is even with the features. The first customers began to complain that the 144 Hz mode, the picture is much worse than at 120 Hz. And indeed it is. The fact that the specifications of the DisplayPort interface 1.4, which is used in these monitors mean at 4K resolution, the maximum frame frequency of 120 Hz, and the figures above are achieved only through compression. This info is even in the Wiki, but none of it is not remembered, while the monitors do not fall into the hands of gamers. Producers, of course, modestly keep silent about it.

In General, the picture with the most advertised 144 Hz is in the process of color subsampling 4:2:2. The Wiki says that it means the following: “In each row receives the full luminance signal, and color-difference signals are sampled every second count. Thus, the color horizontal resolution is reduced by half”.

In General, in other words, the picture becomes worse. In fact, I would not say that there is something terrible, as in, 4K more than 120 fps even with top-end graphics cards can achieve only the most primitive graphics of modern games. Just a bit sad that manufacturers have once again played a cunning trick. Doubly sad that they did this with the promotion of some of the most expensive gaming monitors on the market.

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