This way you can download videos Status WhatsApp Status

Folder photos and videos Gallery on our mobile phones are teeming with dozens of photos and videos that we receive on the application WhatsApp is considered that the council is currently a burden on the internal storage of the phone when the ignore user delete Mafra Videos, Photos, is no longer that important user of its existence.

There are many videos worth of course, keep being good to participate at any time card religious for example, but we are here, we will review that how we can occupation videos that don’t actually answer to save in the pictures folder Gallery this published by friends as a Status it deserves to keep it and share later.

How to download videos Status WhatsApp Status

Of mobile phone

To get to the video that you know the case of friends , you first have to work on the review of those cases on your phone and through the application of due account and watch those videos, or watch the video that you want to keep.

Get out of the application WhatsApp and navigate to the application file browsing My Files and run it, and setup his Settings, ( clicking on the three dots on top). Activate Baker Show Hidden Files, Show Hidden Files as in the photo here.

It is through the same browser go to that graduation of the interior, including access to the folder Whatsapp contacts.

Scroll to the media folder Media will be inside his folder Status risks that were hidden.

Enter to you will Videos Status, you can here choose the desired video and copy it to another place.

From the computer

You have to run WhatsApp web, of course, and move on to the tab need for friends. Browse to the desired video and tap it to Bimini the mouse where you will find the option to Save Video as to save it on the desktop and share it with whoever you want.


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