This shoe is an electric motor that can carry you anywhere !

Company invented you see, “Trotta” Italian emerging the latest mode of transportation in the world, which bear the name of the shower board, which is about slabs flight but designed to The Shape of the shoe agile feet, carrying a battery capacity of 54 Wh, which has a range of 8 km, and takes two hours and a half, just until fully recharged.

And every shoe editor strongly 250 watt, working smoothly immediately stand and run the engine, and then start to accelerate gradually until reaching a speed of up to 14 km/h, thanks to the balancing functions to the built-in, it remains in a fixed position immediately run them during the stand and get off from on top of them, weighs all shoes, 3.1 grams comes to $ 8.9 centimeters.

And enjoy shoes greater flexibility of the slabs flight “Hoverboard” thanks to the independence of each shoe from the other, certainly the shoes are completely resistant to water, also contain taillights can even see its users in the dark, and its easy to transport due to the weight its low.

And in the end still boots shower board under development, has been launched as a project budding on the website Kickstarter famous of raising funds, is available at a price of 300 Euros there.

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