This long-awaited affordable Google Pixel 3 Lite

The guys from Rozetked got a real “cheap” Google Pixel. Often I do not trust Russian insider, but you can remember what Rozetked, one of the first in the world published a review of Pixel 3 XL before the announcement.

Besides the rumors about the more affordable Google smartphone have been circulating for a long time. So, this Pixel 3 Lite (alleged name) is made in the style of current models of the search giant, but instead of glass casing here is plastic.

The device will be very similar in size to the Pixel 3. He will get IPS screen on 5.56 inch Full HD resolution+. But the heart will not the top platform — Snapdragon 670. However, for the “cheap” version the most. RAM will be 4 GB and flash memory is just 32GB. Moreover, the smartphone has no microSD slot, and that’s my main complaint about the device. With estimated price around $ 400 – $ 500 32 GB of memory with no expansion capabilities — what is that? Even Apple doesn’t do that. I hope this is a feature of the prototype, and the serial device will be available with a minimum of 64 GB.

The capacity of the battery — 2915 mAh. the Most delicious. She is, apparently, exactly the same as the older smartphones, which means the shelf of a mainstream camera phones will arrive. Oh yeah, and then there’s the headphone Jack.

How do you like this pixel? Shut Up And Take My Money or “that I better take Pocophone F1 and Redmi Note 5 to surrender”?

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