This is the plan of NASA to protect the Earth from a disaster that may end the world

Approved by the American space agency NASA on the project “DART”, which aims to develop vehicles able to hit the orbs that are approaching the planet, away from him, as part of a plan to confuse the distance of celestial bodies away from Earth, so as not to cause disaster to our planet may terminate life.

It is planned to launch the vehicle in the 2020 target of an offence called “Didymus” not to exceed a diameter of 160 meters, this process will be a test of the project “DART”, according to the newspaper “Daily Mail” British.

Will the vehicle, weighing half a ton, and the asteroid at a speed of up to 6 kilometers per second, changing its trajectory by about 0.4 millimeters per second.

Will trip another vehicle belonging to the European Space Agency bears the name of “Hera”, which will collect information relating to backup, but it will not be present at the site when the occurrence of collision.

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