This is the first phone equipped with a fingerprint built in Japan!

Often it transacts cutting-edge technologies of Japan first, but not this time, where I got to Japan just on the first phone sensor fingerprint built-in display screen within their markets, having seen this feature in many phones and other.

The new phone comes from the company of the Oppo and the name of the Oppo R17 Neo, which is a copy of my phone for Oppo K1 and R15X depend in part on the Oppo R17, this means the screen for 6.4 inch with a bump “note” small shaped drop of water, a 1080p+ include sensor fingerprint built inside her.

Has your Oppo R17 Neo on a chip Snapdragon 660 with random access memory capacity of 4 GB, the storage capacity of 128 GB expandable via microSD card slot.

For the camera, he pulls the phone back with a double sensor main 16-megapixel camera and a secondary 2MP megapixel, with front camera with 25 megapixel in the front.

Comes Oppo R17 Neo battery capacity 3600 Milli AMP, which is available in Japan at a price 38988 Japanese yen which is the equivalent of 345 dollars only.

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