This is the final form of the phone Galaxy Note 9 on nature!

We spotted you by the appearance of the first image leaked for the Samsung products the Galaxy Note 9, which indicated the advent of the phone design is similar to Notes 8, and it was that image to one just the phone without revealing the phone back and the details of the design, and now appeared the full picture of the Galaxy Note 9 .

The picture shows the back design of the phone which reveals the dual camera in landscape mode with a LED Flash, with a sensor fingerprint to the small rear size and the bottom of the camera settings.

Also the monitor image S Pen developer connection Bluetooth, it seems that the pen is kept to a custom color not a golden color with a head identical with the color of the blue phone.

Illustrate the above images to monitor the the first live pics of the phone Note 9 during the test, which describes the congruence between the interface of the new phone and the previous don’t, it will come Noto 9 screen Super AMOLED display measuring 6.4 inches, the Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 supported RAM 6 GB RAM, and cough multiple storage starting from 64 GB, it will be available in a global version of the phone processor Samsung Exynos 9810, for for cameras, it is expected to come Note 9 in the back with a double sensor of 12 megapixel, and other front sensor 8-megapixel camera, and a battery of up to 4000 Milli amp.

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