This is how you test the Samsung detailed follow-up phone Galaxy Fold folding

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Will Galaxy the Fold is the first smart phone retractable up to the market would be 2000 Euros when it is launched officially within a month, so buyers expect the potential to be synthesized using some of the elements of the solid to justify that price.

Let Samsung that phone Galaxy Fold will be able to afford 200 a thousand fold without any problem, which is trying to strengthen this theory by posting a video review we test the folding, which is subject to the no phone Galaxy Fold. As you can see, the phone is connected Samsung folding machine that you open and close the phone constantly for a week to simulate 200 grand in the process of folding. Try this choice what will happen to the phone after five years of use if you decide to open and close the phone 100 times a day.

So, it seems that it should not be for that Build Phone Galaxy Fold early anxiety about the durability. Before concluding, We would like to point out that we got in recently on some additional information about the Galaxy Fold like the fact that the crease of the screen increases slightly but its not supposed to be noticeable when the screen brightness more than 70%. Moreover, we have heard also that you can’t use the Galaxy Fold computer laptop because the screen turns off when the screen is not perfectly flat.

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