This is Facebook does not guarantee that supports the “social media” democracy

Warned Facebook Inc. of its inability to ensure that the social media in favour of democracy, after accusing Russia of interfering in the US presidential election and the effect on sounds in the United Kingdom and France, the emergence of the issue of the spread of the news of the Phantom via social media platforms internationally, the company confirmed that it is doing its utmost to stop this.

Addressed Facebook is a social media platform is the largest, and two million users, the role of social media platforms in a democracy, in a blog shared between Cass sunstein, professor at Harvard University, and chakrabarti, one of the product managers to facebook.

Said chakrabarti: “I wish I could ensure the primacy of the positives on the negative but I can’t do it. Actually Facebook is a moral duty to understand how to use those techniques, and what can be done to make communities like the community of facebook, the representatives of the civilian and reliable as possible”.

Facebook continues its war against the news of the Phantom of a new feature

At the same time holding us lawmakers hearing on the role of social media in elections, and experience the Facebook investigation about its impact on the referendum on the UK’s membership of the British in the EU in 2016.

Expressed chakrabarti about sorry, Facebook has not happened in the US election presidential, enabling the work of Russian scientists, according to facebook, the deployment of 80 thousand publications targeting 126 million people in two years. It was on the company to deal better than that, but its disabled suspicious accounts, which showed support for the electoral process segments non-target, and requested the publishers that support the electoral process to confirm their identity. It also helped facebook the democratic process by urging more citizens to vote.

Google imposed restrictions on news sites and fake

Indeed there is a test coming social media is in the Italian elections coming next March, which will feature the efforts of Facebook, Google, Twitter and YouTube to combat the spread of the news of the Phantom under test.

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