This is an alternative notation in phones 2019

The launch of phones Google leading, pixels 3 and 3 XL by on October 11 last, with the biggest note so far by XL, but it seems that next year will witness a big change in this formula.

Raised the sheet a lot of hype recently, and many people about how much they hate him, and seemed to wish her disappearance is about to turn soon, the expense of Ice Universe on Twitter, and knowledge of leaking his many published the photo below saying that the screen with the hole holds the front camera will become a Formula new design for the year 2019.

This design allows to increase the area of the screen most of the designs that continued in the previous biennium, with a note at the top of the screen, but it is still not satisfactory to many persons, where the aspiring mission in the possibility to hide the hole completely to cover the screen to the lens of the front camera, then become the pixels of the screen in front of the camera is completely transparent, so that the hole appears when you capture the image only and not before that, however, some commented that such a technique will not be ready for production expanded over the next year, although Samsung may surprise us.

Source: Ice universe

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