This highlights the expectations of the conference of the Apple TV coming in March 2019 !

Expected to hold the Apple TV first conference this year during the month of March next on the scene Steve Jobs by the new Apple TV, has not yet issued a formal invitation to attend the conference, but leaks to the press affirming that the articles will be on March 25 specifically, what new will be about the Apple TV during this conference?! Here are some of the expectations.هذه أبرز التوقعات لمؤتمر آبل القادم في مارس 2019 !

هذه أبرز التوقعات لمؤتمر آبل القادم في مارس 2019 !

Headset Apple AirPods 2 new

Headphones Apple AirPods 2 you’ll get almost the same design with the addition of the Black color and some interior changes as an addendum to the special accounts health and fitness such as your heart rate, will also improve the sound performance abroad.

سماعة Apple AirPods 2 الجديدة قد تأتي باللون الأسود

Headset Apple AirPods 2 new may come in black

There are some bad rumors that may annoy some who would like to purchase the new version of the heavens, are the May rise in price by 40$, bringing the price to 200$ instead of 160$, but we’ll wait for the official conference to reveal all the details.

Video broadcast service .. Apple compete with Netflix!

Apple will announce the new service of the long-awaited by many users, a service video broadcast and display the television content similar to other services as well as Netflix, Amazon and HBO.

خدمة بث الفيديو .. آبل تنافس نتفلكس!

Video broadcast service .. Apple compete with Netflix!

Will be made available on this service many programs and serials and TV shows of the production of Apple or other companies do partnership with Apple. The service will be paid of course, but maybe it is provided at lower prices or special offers with some free content to users of Apple devices different.

Health Service and payments

In this service you will learn the Apple TV with major newspapers, magazines and publishing houses to provide their content within the Apple News in a monthly subscription may be $ 10 USD, also expected to launch Apple TV service the other special games on the Store App Store.

خدمة الصحف والمجلات المدفوعة

Health Service and payments

Why service sector?!

See there are a great of Apple to focus on the service sector during the coming period due to falling sales of the company in the smartphone market with low sales of the iPhone through recently, where the service sector a large proportion of the proceeds from the Apple TV.

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