This helicopter will be able to control even you. The first attempt!

When looking at the control panel of the helicopter, eyes run in different directions — no wonder training takes a few months of theory and practice. Sikorsky company, which in 2015 was purchased by the American military-industrial Corporation Lockheed Martin, aims to simplify driver interaction with technology. For this she created the system intelligence Matrix that is able to independently manage research helicopter SARA, based on data from multiple sensors. The pilot is required only to drive the hand along the tablet and, if necessary, to pull the two controllers.

Вертолет Sikorsky SARA с автоматическим управлением

Tablet touch display is attached to the leg of the pilot and displays a realistic map and a few buttons. Thus, to fly a helicopter maybe even a beginner — you only need to specify a point on the map and set the parameters of height and speed, or download ready-made algorithm. Calculating the optimal route by a great computer that is mounted behind the cockpit.

To save the route and tracking of obstacles uses GPS, lidar and camera. Thanks to them, the helicopter easily avoiding trees, power lines, other aircraft, and even birds. The system also constantly provides a possible landing spot in case of an emergency.

Вертолет Sikorsky SARA с автоматическим управлением

If necessary, the pilot can take the control in their hands, just grasp the controls. When he let them go — the Matrix will immediately get control of it and will continue to follow the pre-established plan. To change the location of the helicopter on either side of the pilot has two levers: the left is responsible for the acceleration and rotation around its axis, and the right — tilt forwards, backwards, left and right.

In the future Matrix will be used to transport large cargo and search and rescue operations. Moreover, the company is confident that it is already possible to implement in flying cars, though ready to working models yet. Anyway, the technology will undoubtedly improve the safety of flights, as pilots only need to know what they need to do and how it will happen, will have to solve the computer.

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