This guy stole 375 million riyals from Google and Facebook!

A man was arrested in Lithuania that helped to fool Facebook away the owner of Google to send more than $ 100 million (375 million SAR) by program phishing.

With an acknowledgement of its reasons 50-year-old pleaded guilty to the charge probability of the Multi in front of a judge, what will lead to fined 186 million riyals, he will face up to 30 years of prison when they are sentenced on July 24 of this year.

Claimed representatives claim that the reasons deals with some of the conspirators faceless to regulate the speed, the description of one of the lawyers did was that he created the infrastructure to enhance transport operations, reserve funds, acknowledging the reasons that he participated in a scheme from October 2013 to October 2015, with established bank accounts fake in Latvia and Cyprus, to receive the proceeds and sign contracts and falsified documents that were submitted to the banks in support of bank transfers.

Where was the speed by sending fake emails to employees and agents of the two giants, technical, and pretended to thieves that they are representatives of the company and Quanta Taiwan the computer, and tell the workers in the Facebook parking that the two companies two city funds Cole Infanta, and then they are sending the payments directed to bank accounts controlled by the crooks, got a scheme on more than 86 million riyals from Google in 2013, and more than 367 million riyals from Facebook in 2015.

In spite of this, said Google in a statement that it discovered the fraud amounted to the authorities immediately and recover the funds, as well as stated Facebook it had recovered the bulk of their funds shortly after the incident.

Source: Bloomberg the

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