This game achieved the record for views in a World Cup

Began Mondeo 2018 for millions around the world through the choice of the broadcast variety, and it is natural that it attracts a lot of people to watch the matches that are missed for any reason, or loved it, but the initiative of Argentina, Croatia, which was held last Thursday set a new record, as more directly on Spanish-language Station Telemundo Telemundo digital broadcasting, with 4.3 million viewers and a total of 68 billion minutes.


Amounted to problems of the network line to digital TV last Thursday, 9.3 million viewers, which means that the initiative of Argentina, Croatia, accounted for half of the problems of today almost. While received directly Denmark and Australia to 1.5 million viewers, France, Peru, on 2.9 million viewers, two of the biggest numbers to watch the broadcast lend as well.

After repeated abuse we have in the World Cup.. everything you wanted to know about video technology

Also made a line in collaboration with Google وNBCUniversal, covering project teams to Latin America to reach the World Cup in Spanish on the YouTube platform.

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