This feature on Android is just annoying and needs to die ASAP

Modern trends of development of smartphones for the most part are positive and pleasing to all fans of new technologies. However, in our world nothing is perfect and following the necessary and useful functions, we get a very strange and sometimes even infuriating. One of such innovations will now be discussed, and it is true mobile photography. Some readers even guessed that we are referring to.

So, wanted to talk about the watermarks on the photo. They do not carry any practical value and just once again distracting. They do not protect copyrights and sometimes even can not be set up. It is clear that it is used as an extra tool to attract attention when users share your pictures in Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. However, the last couple of years, this thing got infected very many devices running Android.

So what kind of device is it

It’s pretty corny. If we ignore the small Chinese manufacturers, we have 3 major players. The first of these is Xiaomi. You’ll likely have to meet in the vast social networks of a photo with the inscription “Cut on Mi Mix”. Of course, this feature can be disabled in the settings, but by default it is enabled and some users even don’t know about the availability of this item. Although, unfortunately, not all companies are so provident, as Xiaomi.

Some of the gadgets manufactured by Huawei, for example, also allow you to disable the ability to display watermarks on images, but today’s our third “guest” in the face of OnePlus on the part of their phones did not provide for the availability of the slider to turn off the “important” label in the photo. In this case, at least, the manufacturer is allowed to set part of the text. Who might we need it? A very strange decision, to be honest.

Of course, the presence of watermarks in your images to someone is not a big problem, but quite strange to watch from top manufacturers such miscalculations. Users love Android for its flexibility and ease of configuration. So do not deprive them of the ability to use the phone without annoyances for the sake of dubious PR solutions.


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