This can be a new macOS

New concepts appear almost every day, but many design projects there is one known issue – showing the product or the software often does not correspond to the ideology and philosophy of Apple. I am glad that there are interesting ideas – these could be considered the concept from the designer, hiding under the alias Kang Avdan. Let’s look at the project in more detail.

The concept shows a possible appearance of the new operating system macOS. It is noteworthy that the author of the project decided not to assign an OS sequence number — in his opinion, in future update Apple will abandon the usual numbering, making the entire focus on the name — macOS Cupertino.

The first thing that catches the eye is a redesigned exterior in the style of the latest iOS versions. The author of the project believes that universal apps will be another step towards the convergence of platforms. However, to believe in such a development hardly — after all, Apple representatives have repeatedly made us realize that the merger of the two operating systems is not worth waiting.

The control room was almost completely borrowed from the mobile version of the OS. In addition, the macOS has a full support AirPods — including elements such as the connection window and a special widget for monitoring the current battery status.

According to the designer, Apple takes many of its apps from iOS to macOS. In the system make their debut such as “Weather”, “iTunes Store“, “Apple Music” (separate app). In addition, the macOS will have its own camera.

Overall, the concept looks really good. The only question is, which of the functions will actually be implemented in macOS 10.15. Only time will tell.

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