This bulb on Amazon at a price of 10$ It is possible to control it by the phone

If you don’t invest now in the technologies of the smart home, I think that attempts to Mini will give you a greater notion of how important to record your life, so that you can check most if not all of the products in your home electronically from the phone, including light bulbs or lamps. This bulb is available on Amazon at a price of$ 10 allows you to a simple solution for lighting smartphones that can run and extinguish them by phone via the voice assistant of Google’s or Amazon’s Alexa or the official app, a LED bulb is considered a low-cost option. These are some of the details:

  • Possible to connect with the voice assistant, as well as service Samsung SmartThings.
  • Possible to adjust the lighting, and schedule them to work at certain times automatically, and control it easily from a distance, so that if you forget to turn them off you can easily check from anywhere.
  • Possible to monitor the use of electricity in kW per hour of the application of the bulb to the iPhone or Android devices.
  • Use the supernatant for 80% less than normal lighting.

– Price: 9.99$ – To buy: Click here. – Charging non-direct

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