This Asian country is the largest market for Samsung now!

Samsung Electronics has revealed its financial results for the third quarter of the current year at the end of last July, which has made semiconductor in which the high figures of the company, and Samsung to the top of its revenues and its sales of the segments of NAND and RAM .

Now revealed the report of the business of company Samsung on largest buyers of the company until now, and Huawei barrage, Verizon and Deutsche Telekom “the parent company of T-Mobile” and Technotronics are the major clients according to official documents.

China is the largest market for Samsung

Register of the Department of semiconductor in Samsung’s record results for the first quarter and the third quarter, achieving sales of more than $ 42 trillion Korean won (more than $ 37 million), about 11% of the amount came from the east of the Big Five, but nearly 30%, or 12.6 trillion Korean won (more than $ 11 billion) has arrived from the Chinese customers, to become China officially the largest market for Samsung in the world.

Reports said the Korea Herald that as a result of policies of arbitrary of the United States against Chinese companies, the manufacturers in China turned their attention towards South Korea.

Transfer agency Yonhap from one of the industry experts say “the Samsung should be cautious in the Chinese market, because Beijing is aggressively developing its own semiconductor, what may strongly affect the Korean company and the global market segments of smart”.

“Samsung Electronics increases its dependence heavily on China, you might become a victim of the conflict trade my irrational between Washington and Beijing, which ignores the current international system”.

The results of the third quarter Samsung not as good as the General in relation to the industry of smart phones, but is expected to return to rise after the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 on August 9 last, which reports to the ratio of a grater demand on the phone compared to the turnout for Galaxy S9.

It announced the Korean company about the new hours, and is currently working on headphones is a new home development in smart industries is the largest opening of new markets.

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