This app knows the reasons for your your child

A new application maybe tell a little bit about the moms and dads of deaf people to find out why a baby is crying of their infant, the app carries the name of the ChatterBaby available free for the Android andiOS stores to help the Mother led the father or the deaf to find out the causes of your baby which is usually related to the Mother easily from the layer the sound of your child with the passage of time, it can also help parents to natural persons who commit the when your child.

Developed app Ariana Anderson, assistant professor in the Institute of the UCLA Semel Institute for Science get and human behavior, which is developed with the help of a team of volunteers over the course of five years, a mother of four children, learned with them over the years how to differentiate between the causes of their cries.

The annexation of the app when you launch it on a database carrying nearly two thousand the sound of your babies, I got them team of online volunteers, who provided the recordings to the crying of their children with their interpretation of him, to fly the team to an algorithm to determine the properties of each of the types of cry depending on that data, to give the correct result 90%.

Users can then download their app on their phone development by providing records to the cry of their children, to help develop the app and improve the work of the algorithm.

As noted Anderson noted that the app aims to help early detection of infection of children with autism (notes), which helps early detection to improve the child’s condition dramatically.

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