This add-on improves the experience of using Netflix 3 ways

Many companies today entered in the field of movies and TV shows on the internet. But even now, there is a big gap between Netflix and all other services existing, where the controls Netflix on a large share of the market, and is likely to become a service Disney is the biggest threat to sex in later this year.

If exclusive access to movies the Marvel Cinematic Universe through the platform Disney would pull a lot of customers from Netflix. But at the same time, Netflix is the primary source of broadcast entertainment, and this will not change any time soon.

There are a number of goods and services Netflix, especially one to use, which caused anger for some users. But, there is added to the browser Google Chrome in the name of the Never Ending Netflix allows to overcome these drawbacks and fix the problems and improve the experience of using Netflix 3 ways, including:

– Automatic shutdown for data once you scroll fast.
– Turn off pop-up ads.
– Allow search in more than 3000 options.

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