Things you can do and the-unlocked iPhone, you know it

I think all of us that we open our phones and use all its features; but many forget that there are jobs you can do and the-unlocked iPhone without the need to open the lock. The truth is that these things can be of great benefit. In this article, we everything that you can do without opening the phone.

أشياء يمكنك فعلها والآي-فون مقفل، تعرف عليها

Wake up the phone or lift to wake up

This feature works on the iPhone 6s and newer equipment. And lighting the screen automatically when you lift the device. It is useful to see notifications or the time on the lock screen. To set it enter the settings > display lighting > raise for his.

Use Siri

If you enable Siri in the lock screen, it is possible to tell you your schedule, set up appointments and reminders, this non-contact and send messages. Also you can search on the internet. You can contact people and-iPhone closed once to ask Siri to contact one of the contacts you have. You can also send a message the same way as the previous through the application of Siri to send a message to someone. To activate it on or off through the settings > Siri and > allow Siri when the lock.

Open the Control Center

And take advantage of all the tools found by the Phone Unlocked like: Scout, control music, switch between Wi-Fi networks, and other tools. You can activate or prevent that property from access in the lock screen through settings > Touch ID & entry – > scroll down to the section “allowing access when the lock > Control Center.

Check the notices

Will display notifications on the lock screen if the water is activated through settings > Touch ID & entry – > scroll down to the section “allowing access when the lock > notifications modern. You can control the display of the content of the notice or not to display it through settings > notifications > show data > and select what suits you.


You can see a lot of information about many of the apps through the lock screen and from right to left to display the widget.

Take a picture

This known and clear to everyone, by dragging from left to right on the lock screen to the camera, you can capture images and look at, not that you can’t see only on the current photos that you have taken just.

Make an emergency call

The screen displays enter the password “and not screen prints” button to call in the lower-left corner of the screen. You can also click on “medical ID” at the bottom of the screen, to display the medical data, and emergency telephone number status owner of the iPhone.

To prevent this an iPhone?

One of the important things that can be put up on Siri and the iPhone is locked, is to the owner of the phone. Click the extended button to the Hom, then ask Siri to “call another number” and you will say Siri call directly the last dialed number. You can put the other tricks like putting the name of the “owner phone” number can be accessed through Siri says, “call his phone”, and so on. This functionality is useful to anyone who finds the iPhone and wanted to find its owner.

Something else

If your device is lost, you can prevent all features of the lock screen almost through the activation of the mode lost iPhone or Lost My iPhone and through your account on after activation of the feature found on the iPhone in your device first.

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