These VPN apps for Android threat. Remove them

Many VPN apps for Android, which is in the understanding of many users of the stronghold of security, in fact, do not have anything to do with it. As found by the expert of research company Metric Labs, Simon Milano, about a third of all programs in the directory Google Play, which provides traffic encryption, built-in or contains vulnerabilities that create the risk of leakage of user data, or shamelessly poured your traffic to the side. And it is not clear which is worse.

According to Milano, he studied the device 150 VPN clients. He specifically chose only the most popular solutions that already have a significant audience of users and, as a consequence, a certain authority. As it turned out during the study, 85% of the studied apps were undeclared functions, adversely affecting the security of the data, 57% of the collected data on user’s movements, 38% — can monitor the status of “infected” devices”, and some even requested access to camera and messages.

What VPN apps for Android threat

In total the applications studied, Milano, has been downloaded more than 260 million users, which could cause harm. Despite the fact that to some it may seem that the diversion of traffic is not serious, it should be understood that VPN are usually the ones who want to avoid something like that. And for them to drain secret data in the hands of third parties can lead to undesirable compromise and discredit.

It is important to understand that all applications that have studied Milano, was free. Their use is in principle undesirable, because the developers of these VPN, giving users free encryption, be sure to seek to earn. Usually they do this by selling user data to specialized exchanges that distribute them further, for example, among advertisers or spy organizations.

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