These tricks will help improve the quality of images taken on the camera of your smartphone

For many users of smartphones today have completely replaced the digital camera. But despite the fact that modern devices have a lot of cool technology and optics for mobile photography, to capture great images is not for everyone. Even professionals in the field of mobile photography I use a bunch of tricks. And some of them we now describe.

First and foremost, of course, necessary to have a good camera on your smartphone. Whatever your skills mobile photographer and as nice as you are treated with external programs if the original picture quality is poor, and high-quality images to achieve will be extremely difficult. Suppose the camera in your device is not inferior to the famed Google Pixel 3. What’s next?

Make right use of light sources

Smartphone cameras have one very annoying feature: lenses are very “dependent” from the light. Most lenses have a distinct disadvantage when photographing in dim lighting. To get the best shots, look for opportunities to avoid it. If you are indoors, try to build a frame so that the light illuminated the photographed object. Even a small light from the window will work much better than using the led flash of your phone.

Adjust the exposure

If you try to explain, in simple terms, exposure is the lightness or darkness of the scene depending on what you need. For example, you can darken the shadows in the portrait to give greater expression to the stage. Experiment with this indicator and you will realize that automatic configuration is not always the best choice.

Use the grid

Professional cameras usually have the feature of applying the mesh. And smartphones are not far behind them. Using the grid allows you to align the frame, avoid “zavalivanija” on the horizon and follow a simple “rule of thirds”. You can enable the grid in the camera settings of your smartphone.

Play with the focus

Not even the most top-end smartphone has, as a rule, good focusing system. You do not have to do only. Sometimes “we” with soft edges look much more spectacular.

Try an extra lens

Of course, be attached to smartphone huge telephotometric not necessary. But here are small (and, importantly, inexpensive) young objectively like “fisheye” or wide angle lenses it is possible.

Edit your pictures

Current smartphones are well known. This is a real portable computers. Of course, no one is forcing you to download monstrously programs like Photoshop. Although, if you want, you can do that. But we would advise the utility VSCO. It is free, and besides provides a lot of tools for editing photographs.

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