These tips will help you to make great pictures on the camera of your smartphone

More than once we talked about the fact that smartphone cameras today are capable of much. And foolish to deny it, because the producers of the gadgets themselves regularly emphasize the capabilities of their devices. However, it is one thing to have a good camera, and quite another to be able to use it. And right now, we’ll analyze a number of simple tips that will help you to make great pictures on the camera of your smartphone. Even if you don’t have a top-end device.

To make cool pictures on the phone without purchase a top of the device

The contents

Clean the lens

Clean lens, good photo

This may sound quite strange, but in reality it often happens that most users simply forget that behind the lens is to follow. Because the lens is so small, its very easy to get dirty while you use the phone during the day. And it’s not only about the “eye” of the main camera, but the lens selfie camera.

Do not forget about the focus

Focus. And no fraud!

The right focus makes the photo better. Modern cameras have pretty good autofocus system, but it is still not perfect and often “confusing” objects that are worth paying attention to. Instead of trusting the automation, take a few seconds to focus on the desired object. Moreover, it is not difficult — simply tap the desired location on the screen and the camera “hover” on it. But even easier to subscribe to our channel in the Telegram. Just click here.

The composition of the photo is very important

It is important not only what is shown in the picture, but also how it is made

Think about how you are looking at now, and what will end up in the photo. For example, you see a great landscape with a beautiful forest on the left and the river on the right. The same thing needs to pass the. If you do not pay this time and to click all the “anyhow”, then you can easily is a beautiful picture to something that without tears will not look.

Do not take photos against the Sun

The sun is your friend and enemy at the same time

Sunny conditions are great for capturing beautiful photos with rich blue skies and lush greenery, but think about where the Sun is, when you get your phone. Taking pictures in the direction of the Sun means to spoil a photo. The sunlight just lit up objects and anything good you get. To avoid this — try to take another angle or shade the lens with your hand. Just make sure she doesn’t hit the frame.

Try to use third-party applications

Applications for free will improve the quality of your images

Recently we told you about the programs that will improve the quality of photos and videos. If you missed this stuff, you can read it at this link. We briefly recall that a third-party program will give you a much more fine-tune all the parameters of shooting and get photos that will be almost indistinguishable from pictures taken on a professional camera.

Don’t overuse flash

Flash would only make things worse

Pretty well-known fact — the flash is almost useless in the dark, as it does not give quality lighting objects. Instead, you should either set the light yourself, or use night mode if you have it. However, the flash may well help you out…day. When you shoot in daylight, and the object is in shade, the flash can give great results when flashing dark places without adding “noise” that often happens when using flash in the dark.

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