These are the faces expressive anime new this year!

Revealed Encyclopedia of food emoji Emojipedia about the new forms that will be put up to 2019 underway, which number over 230 expressive face, or image, as some like to call it.

وجوه تعبيرية جديدة قادة هذا العام

Smilies new leaders this year

Faces new emoticons include destination rates, and some of the gestures by hand, and someone sitting on his knees, and holding hands with, and some special shapes to special needs like the chair moving and prosthetics, sign language.

هذه هي الوجوه التعبيرية "الإيموجي" الجديدة القادمة هذا العام!

These are the faces expressive “anime” new coming this year!

Also added some animals, such as: “guard dog person, bird, Flamingo, Gorilla, sloth” as well as some food and clothing and personal items as well as add the heart silver and circles and squares with new colors.

هذه هي الوجوه التعبيرية "الإيموجي" الجديدة القادمة هذا العام!

هذه هي الوجوه التعبيرية "الإيموجي" الجديدة القادمة هذا العام!

You can watch this video which reviews all the anime new:

When will we see the faces, expressive of the new?

You will be issued a standard Unicode Unicode 12.0 in the month of March next to be available to all companies and developers to incorporate within systems and various applications, are provided within later updates of Android and iOS in the period between April to December of the current year.

متى سنرى الوجوه التعبيرية الجديدة خلال 2019؟

When will we see the faces of new expressive through 2019 for?

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