These are new colors that come out of phone iPhone XR 2019

iPhone XR

According to a recent report, it has been said that Apple is planning to provide new colors successor phone iPhone XR expected in the second half of this year. It is rumored that the iPhone XR 2019 will get two new colors-green and purple, while will take about two-color coral and blue. Now thanks to a tweet from journalist technical Mark Gurman, it has become our idea of the colors that will come out the successor of iPhone XR.

In a tweet on the Twitter network, the Mark Gurman published a picture of what looks like fragments of stained glass. According to Mark Gurman, it is alleged that the colors that you see in the picture are the colors that will come out the successor of iPhone XR, and as you can see, there are fragments of green and purple, just as explained previous leaks. However, we note that these pale colors like the colors of the iPhone XR current unlike the iPhone 5C which came in bright colors, so it seems that this is in line with the design language of the current Apple.

Please handle this recording with the least amount of protection, but I have Mark Gurman’s track record when it comes to products coming from Apple, so there is a good chance to be what he knows now honest. As all of you probably know, it is expected that Apple to launch iPhone XR 2019 later this year. According to the rumors, it is expected that retains the same dimensions and the same design on the front-end, but it will get the second camera in the back, which makes it more attractive to consumers.

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