These apps are stealing your data. Urgently remove them!

Not for the first time in the app store from Google get programs that harm your smartphone and may steal your confidential information. So recently researchers from Digital Security have discovered a previously unknown type of advertising malware in more than 200 applications for Android. And, worst of all, some of these programs have been downloaded by millions of users.

The malware is called “SimBad”. After installation, it creates a backdoor that allows its developers to remotely install any third party software without the user’s knowledge. Digital Security has already informed Google about the vulnerability, and all apps were removed from Google Play Store. However, they could remain on users ‘ smartphones. So to get rid of them. Judging by the title, almost all of them are games, so even if you do not have installed, it could make your child or younger brother\sister. So you better check your smartphone just in case. Here is a list of the most dangerous applications (each of them according to the report has been downloaded at least 5 million times):

  • Snow Heavy Excavator Simulator
  • Hoverboard Racing
  • Real Tractor Farming Simulator
  • Ambulance Rescue Driving
  • Heavy Mountain Bus Simulator 2018
  • Emergency Fire Truck Driver
  • Farming Tractor Simulator Real Harvest
  • Car Parking Challenge
  • Speed Boat Jet Ski Racing
  • Water Car Surfing Stunt
  • Offroad Wood Transport Truck Driver 2018
  • Volumen booster & Equalizer
  • Prado Parking Adventure
  • Oil Tanker Transport Truck Driver

Full list of programs can be found at this link.

If you think that it is enough just to uninstall the application using standard Windows tools and check the whole system with antivirus, you are wrong. Indeed, we recently reported that not all antiviruses are good at their tasks. In this case, the malware need a slightly different approach. And even if the application was not in the list above, once again checking system will not prevent.

For starters, put the phone in safe mode. This method may vary in different models from different manufacturers, but it can be easily found in the user manual or on the Internet. Also it would be nice to completely disconnect the smartphone from the world wide web.

Next, go to “Settings” and click on the “Applications” tab to find a list of all programs installed on your smartphone. Now remove unwanted software and check the entire list on the stock apps which you are not familiar with. If there is a app name or icon that you see for the first time, it may well be a “companion app” installed via the backdoor. Just in case “fight” an unfamiliar name on the Internet and in the list of downloads Google Play Store. Then safely remove the infection. All. Your smartphone clean again.

However, to neglect the security measures in the future, still not worth it and no need to install questionable programs. Especially from unverified sources.

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