There are no miracles. Innovative Mix Alpha from Xiaomi will be released this year

A week ago, Xiaomi has done what Apple could only dream of. The Chinese company unveiled a fully working smartphone, whose body is almost entirely represented the display. Despite the fact that in everyday life to use such, I think it would be awkward to argue with the fact that the unit really came innovative, absolutely pointless. Many did not bother even the price smartphone, which assessed almost three thousand dollars, and they began to look forward to the start of sales that Xiaomi unexpectedly suffered as much for next year.

Screen area Alpha Mix — of 180.6%

Sale Xiaomi Mix Alpha will not start this year, as promised at the presentation. About this on his page in the social network Weibo wrote the Manager Xiaomi for the promotion of Edward Bishop. According to him, the smartphone will go on sale not earlier than 2020. That is the wording he used, which could be interpreted as a hint at a possible delay of the device for a long period of time.

Why cancel the release of the Alpha Mix

There is nothing surprising in the fact that Xiaomi has decided to postpone the sales Mix Alpha. In the end, such a development is a little different from the folding apparatus and as well, as they require lengthy testing and debugging process, which may be uncovered certain shortcomings of the smartphone. And this design will probably be typed a lot, given that even the instance, which we showed at the presentation, and then shimmered around any turns and taps on the screen.

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The timeout that Xiaomi took to bring the Mix Alpha to the mind, is more positive than negative phenomenon. Today there is nothing surprising in the fact that the manufacturers present the latest product for several months or even years before the start of official sales, becoming the first, and then in a quiet situation brought it to mind. Therefore, since Apple regularly allows itself to something like that, there is nothing wrong or shameful in that same way did Xiaomi.

Mix Alpha — reliable foldable smartphones?

The extra six months or year will allow Xiaomi to test the new car in the tail and mane, making sure that it not only works but also is capable to bear the load that users have on smartphones every day. The output I would like to get a machine that will be as reliable as it is handsome. And, given that Mix Alpha is almost three times more expensive than the flagship iPhone, it is logical to require the manufacturer to apply the required protective measures so it is not out of order on the second day of use, even if it takes a little more time than originally anticipated.

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