Theory of relativity confirmed on a galactic level

The General theory of relativity — an extremely important tool for the representation of the modern Universe, without launching a single satellite. But as she observed the scale, for example, an entire galaxy? Thanks to scientists, we can now say: well observed. They conducted a study of two relatively distant galaxies that are opposite each other, and proved that the theory of relativity is impeccable.

The study used the Hubble space telescope and Very Large Telescope to measure the mass of the galaxy in the foreground, using both gravitational lensing and its posterior partner, and the rotation speed of stars at the edges. The comparison made it possible to check measurements. As a result, the error amounted to 9% is a lot, but today it is the most accurate measurement.

Not that the news pleased, but General relativity is one of the strongest foundations of modern research. Detection of slack in the GRT will mean a revision of the whole of modern physics, astrophysics and cosmology in favor of other, less proven and promising theories. Although this study does not prove that General relativity is the main concept of the Universe, scientists and it saves the company from having to discard the knowledge accumulated over decades.

In the next decade two new telescope — satellite Euclid and the Large SYNOPTIC observation, the telescope will be able to find deviations from General relativity on the scale 1000 times larger than the scope of this study. If the General theory of relativity and pass these tests, we believe that this is the correct theory describing the effects of gravity in the Universe as a whole. While she copes, Einstein would be proud.

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