Their selves microSD card-in different sizes available Amazon great discounts

With the option of 64 or 128 or 256 gigabytes, the modern smart phones cover the needs of the users of internal storage. However, if you purchase the phone, and I realized you need more space for storage, the external memory port makes it easy to upgrade space at any time.

In this article we will review discounts on external memory cards in various spaces on Amazon.

Memory Kingston 32GB

Previous price: 8$
Current price: 6$
To buy: click here.

Memory SanDisk 64GB

Previous price: 25$
Current price: 12$
For purchase: click here

Memory Samsung 128GB

Previous price: 42$
Current price: 25$
To buy: click here.

Memory Samsung 256GB

Previous price: 64$
Current price: 58.75$
To buy: click here.

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