The zcash for hardwork was successful. What’s changed update Sapling?

The zcash for hardwork passed without any problems — the developers of cryptocurrency successfully initiated the procedure for 419 200 block. Update Sapling brought a lot of positive changes to the project. Now the network appeared zcash for protected addresses, which can create cheap transaction with minimal memory usage.

The official blog zcash for even gave specific numbers. Now the cost of transferring coins from a protected wallet will be 90 percent cheaper and the transaction will weigh 97 percent less. It is noteworthy that the activation of Sapling coincided with the second birthday of cryptocurrency.

The results of the hard forks

Immediately after activation, users zcashd received their Sapling. Hardwork also gave a lot of other advantages — generation of public parameters with the improved ceremony and round BLS12-381. Recall that public parameters allow the user to create and verify private transaction, and round BLS12-381 makes significant changes to the Protocol zk-SNARKs.

At the moment, the transfer of funds from the old secure addresses on new will not be private. This will allow developers to conduct an audit of the monetary base ZEC held on a secure locations. Now programmers are working to create a tool that minimizes the impact on their anonymity. In his blog, the team zcash for requests to wait until the release of the new software if possible.

To make a protected address common — the main goal of our mission. The words “give powers to everyone” are not empty words for our team. In fact, it is the light that continues to guide us on the path of experimentation and innovation. We look forward to performing the following paragraphs our roadmap.

Image source — eCrypto

At the end of the post the developers have added several links to educational resources on the Sapling. Hopefully all the upgrades will not go in vain and zcash for will rise in price in the near future.

By the way, Poole 2Miners is also updated. The units are working properly. Go to the light.


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