The year will not be until Bitcoin does not break the level of 4600 dollars

During the last seven days of the stock market capitalization has increased to 140 billion dollars and continues to grow. Altcoins have responded positively to the upward movement of Bitcoin, the optimism of traders also grew significantly. However, some cryptanalysts warn about the dangers of early euphoria — bullrun will not start up until the main bitcoin breaks through the level of 4600 dollars.

No growth, only stagnation

Trader under the name DonAlt also warned everyone of the danger of broken dreams. Increase the value of Bitcoin is only a few percent cannot be considered a complete ballroom. The global uptrend will be formed only after the successful breakthrough of the line 4600 dollars and a steady growth up to $ 6,000.

Fundamental background around Bitcoin is full of positive news, but the cryptocurrency is still not leaving a narrow horizontal channel. Why? One of the reasons is the lack of sources of new capital inflows into the stock market. In such a situation is simply no one to trade and the volatility drops to zero. And as you know, that it is a necessary “fuel” for the growth of Bitcoin.

DonAlt also noticed an interesting trend — amid Panov altcoins market capitalization increased not so much. In other words, now the money is in the industry flow from projects to projects, but a clear external investments have not yet discovered.

And yet the growth of Ethereum from 80 to 160 dollars in the last couple of months gives at least some hope.

Image source — Bloomberg

The market really soars with optimism as long as the ETH could rise to $ 160. This movement gave confidence to both traders and investors, many believe that altcoins are slowly returning from hibernation. Optimism is still the volume, so the activity of market players has increased dramatically in recent years.

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