The world’s largest amphibious aircraft starts tests on water

On the pages of our website we already wrote about the world’s largest amphibian. But then the most interesting part, water tests, was not known virtually nothing. And recently, it was reported that the ground and air tests were completed and began the testing phase of the aircraft on the water.

Recall that the world’s largest amphibious airplane received the name AG600 (the second name of the aircraft Kunlun) and it is produced in China. Wingspan AG600 is 38.8 meters, fuselage length of 36.9 metres. The aircraft is equipped with four turboprop engines and can fly without refueling for up to 12 hours and carry up to 50 passengers and crew members. The first test flight took place in December 2017, during flight airplane hours spent at an altitude of 3000 meters.

The water part of the engineering tests will be conducted in Hubei province in the valley of Zhuanghe in the local reservoir. The amphibious aircraft will have to perform a series of privodnoi, as well as several take-offs from the water surface. In addition, the AG600 will spend some time on the water, drifting on the water surface of the reservoir. Will be tested as the aircraft behavior “in a blank state”, that is, with only crew on Board and in the presence of the aircraft payload. According to reports, the plane maybe 20 seconds to dial up to 12 tons of water, and all the amphibious aircraft can accommodate about 370 tons of water. This feature of the aircraft should also be tested in the near future and during the exercise “put out” the alleged forest fire.

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